Saint Juno is a love letter to young trans, and non-binary people, representing glamour, and elegance through a queer lens. This collection has been developed using inspirations drawn from demonstrations of extravagance throughout history. Referencing 18th century French fashion, drag, burlesque, and contemporary art and photography. By utilizing elements of opulence and camp, Saint Juno intends to represent luxury and beauty that is inclusive, modern, and queer. With an emphasis on hyper femininity, this collection hopes to invoke a feeling of gender euphoria through it’s garments.


As a trans person working in fashion, I believe it is important to me to represent the beauty and power that comes with being trans. My main aspiration as an artist is to continue delivering this message through my work. I would like to thank Danielle Martin, as well as the other design professors, my family, and my queer and trans friends. They have all helped me succeed in the creation of my collection and continue to inspire me.