Kassidy Finucan
KIDDO is an ode to the big kid. A book revolving around our love for the past, and how it may influence our personal style and outlook on ourselves as we grow up. During the pandemic we’ve seen a resurgence of 90’s and 2000’s culture and style, with many using nostalgia to escape from the current circumstances of today. Through KIDDO, I seek to facilitate that escapist need we feel from time to time. This book culminates a years worth of research into the many facets of nostalgia; including psychology, fashion, celebrity culture, music, as well as interviews with individuals who love nostalgia. So throw on your Juicy Tracksuit, get your favourite rom-com going and let the power of nostalgic imagery remind you that yes, you did make your Barbies kiss that one time.


KIDDO is not just a thesis, its a reflection of who I am as a person, and many of the personal trials I’ve gone through in learning self-acceptance as a person who is “immature”. We all find comfort in something nostalgic, and the pandemic has definitely facilitated this desire to return to a time in the past. Though it is fun to reflect on things we liked during the 90’s and early 2000’s, it is also important to acknowledge the damage perpetuated by trends and celebrity influence during this time. We all have watched something or seen a celebrity wearing something that we know now is offensive. I hope that those who enjoy nostalgia culture keep in mind that there is so much to learn from the past. I thank those who took the time to participate in interviews for their dedication to my thesis topic. I also thank Daniel Drak for his support as my mentor during this process