Susanna Ding
Cienna is a sustainable and affordable jewelry brand. Cienna’s main mission is to achieve sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of the jewelry industry within the entirety of the brand – from product to packaging. Traditional fine metal jewelry (such as gold, silver) are very harmful to the environment as they require heavy mining and refining that are not only toxic to the environment but to the workers as well. To combat the issue of traditional jewelry, Cienna uses the value propositions of using recycled materials to reduce a heavy environmental impact. For the first collection of Cienna, earrings will be made from 100% recycled cardstock and recycled sterling silver.


This capstone project has really pushed my creative thinking and research in a whole new direction. First attempts at this capstone project weren’t successful but that has only pushed my creativity further to seek alternative solutions. I would like to thank my capstone professor Beatriz who really tested my creative thinking to create such a wonderful project.

I hope to continue this project outside of the classroom and to continue to pursue educating people on sustainable jewelry and to advocate for sustainable living as the norm with beautiful jewelry.