An exploration of Erik Erikson’s fourth stage of psychological development, identity vs. role confusion. In this stage one must successfully merge the many versions of themself and the roles they have filled, into a cohesive identity. This merging of identities requires self exploration and discovery, which I delve into and attempt to to illustrate with changing forms, translucency and colors. The collection follows the journey to emergence and acceptance of one’s most authentic self.


As this collection has been completed, I look forward to exploring new areas of the fashion industry, while potentially doing custom designs as WYT Studio. A huge thank you to all the models, particularly Carolina and Kaydee, and photographer Adner Francisco for bringing the collection to life. I would also like to thank all my wonderful professors, especially Réva Manicavasagar, and my friends and family who have been such an amazing network of support not only while making this collection, but over these past four years.