Centering on gender expression and sustainability, the [DIALECTICA] 2021 genderless day-eveningwear collection aims to modernize traditional Indian silhouettes. Key styles which have become staples in the closets of both men and women are streamlined to create genderless interpretations. Modular separates that could easily integrate into any daywear wardrobe complete this innovative and time-honouring collection. Detachable sleeves, hoods, and pant cuffs are only a few of the modular options offered to the wearer. In addition to modularity, [DIALECTICA] makes use of repurposing garments, certified fabrics, natural and recycled fibers to ensure responsible creation. Pre-owned saris, salwar kameez and more have been revived into new garments. [DIALECTICA] pays tribute to the many facets of Jaipur, India – AKA the Pink City – as a segment of the famous Hawa Mahal palace is featured as a hand-printed detail. [DIALECTICA]’s vibrant, warm hues mix with earthy neutrals, offering a playful yet sophisticated nod to Indian culture.


The full [DIALECTICA] 2021 genderless day-eveningwear collection will officially launch online later this year. With aspirations to bring modern, culturally inspired, sustainable dress to the public, this collection illustrates the beginning of a brand which strives to challenge traditional fashion narratives.

“A very, very special thank you to Réva Manicavasagar and Farley Chatto for guiding me through this collection. They truly are the best mentors a designer could ask for. I would also like to express my gratitude to International Fur Dressers & Dyers, Four Seasons Furs, and the Fur Council of Canada for sponsoring the fur elements included in this collection.” – ARUSHI