This collection is inspired by quarantine drives and the many road trips I took over the summer along the countryside. It expresses the desire to get out and escape into nature. The experience of feeling comfort, good music, having your head in the clouds and appreciating the beauty of nature. The materials used are natural fabrics such as cottons or linens and follow a colour scheme of earthy tones. I took inspiration from the 60s/70s with the use of adding fullness and flares. Some key elements of my collection are the use of gathers, transparency and contrast and adding panels, or tiers to create balance.Another very important element is adding my South Asian cultural influence by mixing the East and the West. This is done by incorporating things that are traditionally used or worn in Indian fashion such as latkan ties, lehenga choli, or the sharara. And mixing these things with everyday wear.


I want to thank Ryerson School of Fashion for all that I’ve learned over the years. I also want to thank Mass Exodus for giving us this platform to showcase our collections that we’ve worked so hard on over the past year. I look forward to creating and designing more in the future! xoor.