Brooke Eastcott
Ainsley Sanders
Socair, which translates to rest or comfort; is a sustainable, fully transparent Canadian brand that is made for our customers with the commitment in building mental health awareness through each of our products. Our product-line and social media content use cognitive behavioural therapy to build fundamental techniques to aid in one’s understanding of changes in moods, creating positive progress for individuals with mild to moderate feelings of anxiety and depression.  Socair not only focuses on the practice of self-care, but also works in creating attractive home items with purpose in an individual’s personal space.  With our organic soy essential oil candles, we want our customers to feel safe and cozy at home. While this is a brand which is devoted in creating a safe and welcoming self-care space, we are committed in sharing resources for individuals with anxiety and depression, and donating to mental health organizations to support individuals who do not have equal access to mental health resources.


Creating Socair the brand has been an exciting creative challenge that has been incredibly rewarding for the both of us. We have had an amazing experience researching the benefits between cognitive behavioural therapy and aromatherapy in the self-care industry, and the future of self-care in the post pandemic environment.   The creation of Socair has provided us with the  opportunity to build a strong creative partnership, developing  branding and products that speaks to the core belief of the business.  We have organized our capstone project to illustrate the vast knowledge we have obtained from our university career into the foundations of a business strategy for a future small business venture. After graduation our goal is to continue working on Socair and to pursue expanding the product line’s and social media presence,  reflecting the importance of self-care and building the awareness of mental-health within our brand.