Taking pause amidst a global pandemic, it has become more obvious than ever that the fast-paced high-powered 21st century society takes a toll on its environment and the people living in it. The fashion industry itself has become a driving force in some of the highest textile and water waste numbers the world has ever seen. Rather than leave the power in the hands of those who stand to profit off of the ruin of the planet and the exploitation of its people and resources, it can be argued that the purchasing power of the growing middle class can be weaponized for good. In order to step away from the mass destruction caused by modern shopping and garment disposal habits, it has become necessary to not only switch to truly ethical brands, but to lean into the positive behaviours of mending and reviving clothing. Exploring methods such as zero waste design, natural dyeing, and up-cycling, this capstone is an exercise in uncovering the vast potential in the hidden world of ethical fashion.


The research and exploration involved in this capstone project closed the gap between my core values(ethical design, slow fashion, human rights) and my knowledge and experience. I am excited to go forward as a creative who has the confidence and ability to contribute to making the world a better place.