Adrienne Dick
ODYSSEY is Adrienne Dick’s 4th year Fashion Communication capstone project for Ryerson University. The editorial book explores the journey and interplay of confidence and shame and their effects on the identity of Canadian female entrepreneurs. Their intersectional lives reveal different barriers, successes, setbacks and opportunities, each of which amalgamate into a journey that is important for understanding the reality of female entrepreneurship. Ruth Eikhof, D., Summers, J., & Carter, S. (2013) explain how “To understand and address both the underrepresentation and the distinctive experiences of women entrepreneurs it is, therefore, important to relate media representations of women entrepreneurs to the reality of female entrepreneurship.” This project dives into the realities, experiences and Odysseys of female entrepreneurs right here in Toronto. Each individual’s vulnerability revealed both high and low points in their journeys, moments of confidence and shame, trials and successes, points of doubt and feelings of glory. Their experiences guided the continued research and consideration of resources that were featured and provided in this book. The journey doesn’t stop here. It endures with the pursuit of centering the lives of female entrepreneurs, constantly working towards altering the entrepreneurial norm and consciously looking to support female entrepreneurs and their businesses.


Working on this book and exploring the journeys of female entrepreneurs has taught me a few very important things: 1) Amplifying the voices of women entrepreneurs is essential to creating a world of equality; 2) Accurately representing female entrepreneurs can help to legitimize their businesses and create space for improvement; and 3) Individual’s stories can reveal where there are gaps in resources, pay and opportunity. We need to ask, listen and work towards eliminating barriers, supporting along the way and providing resources to those who need them. Thank you to the amazing women who participated in my study and to anyone taking the time to view my capstone project.