Nadeen Badran
For my capstone, I have created a podcast highlighting Palestinian women, their achievements, and vibrant identities. Each episode includes an interview with a Palestinian woman that I find interesting, including an episode in which I tell my own personal story and why I chose to make this podcast.

Due to the circumstances, I was only able to conduct these interviews over zoom, but I got to know some of the most inspiring women I have ever come across, including my own grandmother, whom I had no idea held so many strength and stories from her past in Palestine.

On this podcast, I interviewed females from all walks of life: students, grandmothers, activists, fashion designers, and even artists. The aim was to see what Palestinian women are achieving and to acknowledge their power in society. I wanted to focus on people who are somewhat related to Palestine even if they have never been born, raised, or even visited. In other words, I wanted to get to know these inspiring women and understand their relationship to the homeland and how they choose to acknowledge it and express their identities. I want to show the world, through personal anecdotes and real experiences, what it means to be a Palestinian woman outside Palestine in today’s world.


After completing this project, I’m happy to say that it was one of the most valuable learning experiences I have endured. I got to meet so many inspiring individuals and it redefines my whole idea of nationalism and belonging to my homeland. I had heard time and time again that Palestinians are very persevering and determined people, and I was definitely able to see that from the interviews that I carried out. This inspired me to express my Palestinian identity more clearly and loudly, and it assured me that being Palestinian is a pride that no one could take away from me, even through discrimination. The future of this podcast still lies unclear, but I would love to continue interviewing more Palestinian women in the future to be able to tell more stories and educate the world.