Helia Abbaszadeh
This collection contains two sets of triptychs that are self explorations of what it feels like to be an Iranian immigrant women living in 2021. These pieces have been created with collage and mixed media.

These pieces are the reflections of a women who has moved 9 times to 2 countries, 2 provinces and 3 cities in 24 years. The dualities she has encountered and witnessed around her and in different women.

The women she knows, understands, empathizes and self identifies with. The women who were not given the chance to explore themselves, and were told who they were instead of having the freedom to be who they truly have the potential to be and express themselves as individuals. The women who have been discriminated against because of their gender and are treated unequal to men in society. The women who immigrate to have better lives but still feel out of place.


The cultural importance of my thesis is to discuss real issues that are happening and emotions women go through but can’t freely discuss. It’s about how immigration has affected womens idea’s of themselves,  discovering themselves and being open to redefining concepts.