Aankshika Bheem
Samantha Williams
ECHOES LOADING investigates the roots of the climate crisis through a decolonization of dominant environmental narratives. ECHOES LOADING is informed by the theories of ecofeminism, placemaking and cultural ecologies. It is an exploration of the situated knowledge found within marginalized communities, in order to imagine the possibilities of a regenerative future. This body of work explores literal, metaphorical and abstracted interpretations of nature. It is a representation of the fluidity of our environments and the different perspectives they are made of, challenging the multiple ways we understand and experience nature. This co-creation documents our personal and collaborative response to our research findings. It encompasses conversations we have had throughout this process, as we aim to understand the other’s perspective of nature alongside our own. Through this project, we hope to bridge our personal narratives of nature to collective experiences, with acknowledgement of the frameworks each operates within. We explore our vulnerabilities within this space to grow our empathy towards those on the frontlines, those most affected by climate change, and the beings that operate beyond the human world.


We are filled with gratitude and would like to thank the activists, scholars and communities, who have shared their knowledge with the global collective, allowing us to build our understanding of all that is possible in a regenerative future. We hope to continue this work within environmental advocacy by working alongside frontline communities, as explore our role as artists and designers within the climate movement. It is our hope to one day grow ECHOES LOADING to become a collective of artists, designers, and writers collaborating to advocate for and imagine possible futures.