Lee He
Replace the question “What is a brand” with “What’s not a brand.” Branding is ubiquitous. A brand can be anything and everything. Brand identity cannot be reduced to any particular aspect. A half eaten apple reminds you of Apple.Inc because the Cupertino-based company has a similar logo. It’s not that we consciously think of Apple, our subconscious mind just signals us. Successful brands have crept into our subconscious and made a permanent place there. As a result, we see them everywhere.


World Tea House has been committed to using the freshest fruits and teas to tickle your taste buds. The teas are all from professional tea gardens in Fujian Province, China, and delivered to the store from Canada by air.  Our shop is dedicated to the combination of art and milk tea drinks.

Picasso and Monet are the sources of our beverage creation. For example, we have a special drink called Monet’s Garden Afternoon Tea. The meaning here is that the different fruit inside is just like Monet’s paintings, making people linger. I have a drink called Picasso with everything because this giant cup of the milk tea has five different toppings. Like Picasso, he is in the professional field of design, art,  sculptures, and painting.

World Tea also attaches great importance to the design of the store. The store was divided into two large areas; The front hall is the milk tea shop entrance, and the back hall is the gallery, and guests can sit and relax. We want our guests to quiet down in this impetuous world, drink tea and enjoy the alternate package of art, take a break, and feel the beauty of life.