With this study I am aiming to explore the ethical,
moral and maybe even the political aspects on the use of skins in the industry.
Over 50 million animals die a year to be used in garments. With
technology today there is no need to kill animals when machines can create
synthetics that are lifelike to fur. Using faux fur can add as much detail as
real fur would, but for a less expensive cost and avoiding millions of animals
being slaughtered. Personally, I believe that the awareness of this should not
just be eye-opening once there is a problem related to that particular animal.
The cruelty and treatment of animals for their skins in order to charge premium prices is a main factor that the luxury industry possesses however, is there amore socially responsible way for them to create their products. And how are we as consumers a contributing factor to this industry.


I hope my capstone is able to help all of us as consumers to understand this matter more and enables us to become more ethical and sustainable with our purchases. I have enjoyed working on this capstone thoroughly and I would like to thank Beatriz for being such an amazing supervisor and helping me throughout this process!