Onilium is a Latinx owned statement jewelry brand designed at the intersection of romanticism and maximalism. We believe in the practice of thoughtfully and purposefully choosing the items that adorn our bodies, decisions that inevitably reflect each of our individual stories. Onilium is for those who curate a wardrobe of unique, meaningful pieces, as well as the socially and ecologically conscious consumer. Every item is designed by Barbara Palacio and handmade by Colombian artisans using recycled metals plated in authentic Colombian Gold and Silver. As a brand, we strive to create high quality, ethically and sustainably made products, constantly researching ways to improve our practices. Motivated by this mission, we also encourage customers to send us their pre-loved jewelry for us to recycle, or for our artisans to restore.


We will be launching in May 2021, and hope to continue working within this Company after graduation.