This text is a culmination of my research of fashion imagery since the mid 20th century, it explores how it has evolved since the 1940s and how art history and fashion photography has influenced this evolution and is now represented in 21st century art and fashion. Throughout my research, underlying themes became apparent and will serve as topics that guide this conversation and work—it is an attempt to bring fashion imagery and its effects on society into focus, discovering how new forms of image-making were influenced from the past and where we can and will continue to grow. The first area of study is the evolution of fashion photography. I will explore fashion photographers that were catalysts in the practice, understanding how photographs emerged in society and how they reflected the zeitgeist and produced a new visual language in which fashion and photography was based on. The second area of study will be art history, how a variety of art movements from the middle of the 20th century significantly influenced fashion photography and our perception of art. The last area of study will be the intersection of both—art and fashion—how fashion imagery is perceived in society and how we specifically perceive ourselves.


My research culminates throughout the pages of this book, exploring how art and fashion photography influenced fashion and society. It was extremely riveting, researching iconic artist and fashion photographers since the 1940s. Discovering how diverse the artists and photographers were throughout history and how influential they were in defining the visual language of fashion imagery. My Capstone Book can be viewed in its entirety by following this link: