Agatha Đặng

“Chỉ là 1 suy nghĩ “: just a thought is a view of the designer about Vietnam’s beauty. Put aside trend and the standard of fashion, the collection focuses on the petite figure of asian women and is meant to be monochromatic, simple, and timeless. Using Vietnamese traditional costume/ dress like “áo dài”, “áo bà ba” as a base; a long, soft shirt with flowy pants; taking these silhouettes and modernized with different design elements that was inspired by various art forms.


The collection is a memory of a simple Vietnam I have when I was little; throughout the process, it brings back my old memories, ones that were vaguely forgotten, also brought back the inner child in me. Through this, I hope the viewers can enjoy the final outcome of my ideas. This is my last collection as a student but also a new journey to the outside world. To me, design will always be the way to express and communicate. The journey of a fashion student has been long and challenging but also a great and mesmerized experience; along with the help of many professors, without them, this would not be possible, so thank you so much and I really appreciate your presences.

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