– Latin American women face different challenges in addition to those already predisposed by society about women, especially when they are immigrants. We Latina is born from a personal experience and the desire to hear similar stories from Latin American women who have experienced immigration or have lived abroad for a period of their lives; and what would be the best way to share these stories? By allowing women to share their personal experiences and achievements.
– The goal of this podcast platform is to share the real stories, those that include the tears and smiles, the challenges and successes. A platform focused on honouring the Latin American female community and women who have discovered life for themselves and have opened a path for their lives and professional careers. We Latina is about celebrating this community and uniting women from anywhere and everywhere. With this platform and podcast, I want to start the conversation and celebration of these women and challenge the lack of inclusion and empowerment of the Latin American female community in society.


– We Latina has shown me the need for a community, the need to explore and embrace changes and learn how to adapt to different situations that we experience every day. It is the need to feel empowered as Latin Americans. Being able to hear the stories shared on this platform made me realize the importance of letting people tell their own stories and of celebrating the Latin American community. I believe we all deserve a space in which our stories are heard, a space where participants and listeners feel supported and empowered. I’m hopeful that I will be able to continue using this platform to celebrate the Latin American female community.
– A special thank you to the following podcast participants for their time, for sharing their stories and experiences and for making this project possible:
o Samantha Tams
o Lorena Escandón
o Maricruz Rodriguez
o Ana Maria Posada
o Mariana Campos