So, you know that you want to work in fashion, but you just don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re a new or aspiring fashion entrepreneur, and you’re looking for the tools and strategies to help you launch.

My goal in this podcast is to give aspiring fashion entrepreneurs and professionals clear, to-the-point lessons and tools that will help you succeed in your career in fashion. Whether you’re a new fashion graduate, or you just know that a career in fashion is your calling, we have an episode to help you launch. Because let’s face it, if you’re a busy start-up founder, or a new grad spending hours on job applications, you probably don’t have time to go digging through Google to find the tried and true strategies you’re looking for.

Each week, The Fashion Ambition Podcast will bring you interviews with industry experts who have been there, and done that. From marketing to mindset, to PR and communications, to blogging tips, we’re covering everything you need to know as a new (or even established) business professional.

Grab a coffee and a notebook, and mark your calendars for every Monday and Thursday, when new episodes are published!


The Fashion Ambition Podcast was inspired by my own struggle to find targeted business advice whilst turning a creative project into a business venture. I wanted to create a platform that would help those who have an interest in fashion entrepreneurship, but don’t have the guidance on where to start.

Each episode acts as a masterclass on an array of business topics, with a focus on the fashion industry. The podcast covers marketing, mindset, PR, inclusivity in retail, blogging, web design, and more, all from the perspective of industry experts.

I hope to continue to build on this project, adding new conversations that will help entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses in fashion.

A special thank you to the podcast guests for their generosity of time, sharing their expertise, and making this project possible.