image of Vanessa Campana (headshot)

voons is a jewellery collection handmade by Vanessa Campana (me!) with an emphasis on experimental design executed through unconventional mediums and techniques. This collection revolves around themes relating to my childhood experiences, relationship with femininity, and self-healing though craft. In my work, subliminal symbols are communicated though my mediums of choice such as: clay, vintage pendants, lamp work beads, freshwater pearls, gemstones, shells, and wool. I hope for this collection to serve as window into my soul, connecting the viewer to my journey towards self -acceptance. The struggle to accept every part of myself has always and will always be a challenge. In creating this collection and working so closely with my body, I’ve learned just how much my self-image is capable of fluctuating. Femininity means something different to everyone, and I am learning to be liberated by that notion instead of fall into the trap of conventional expectations of women. My collection is a homage to my past, current, and future self as well as a reminder of just how much my body is capable of doing. Working with my hands has been incredibly healing for me in this sense and has allowed me to create something emblematic of myself.


I I will continue to practice jewellery making and evolve my practice through unexplored mediums and techniques. I love challenging myself to create as the outcome of satisfaction when I produce something I am proud of one of the most rewarding experiences. Craft has allowed me to get in touch with my inner child and in a way, help me find confidence within myself. While I am working, I am able to escape my own reality and focus on something other than my inner thoughts. It feels like a much healthier way of disconnecting than some of the more self-destructive methods of my past. There is always room for self-improvement, but my capstone has helped me to focus on healing in a very personal way that I will continue to practice forever.