Madeline Snowden

My final collection consists of five costumes that I have created for a TV comedy show that reimagines the first five wives of Henry VIII as if they were modern-day “Real Housewives”. This show will have the same structure, layout, and atheistic as all of the Bravo real housewives franchises. Only this time will be set in 16th century Tudor London and will serve as a social satire mock-reality show which pokes fun at the obscene behaviours of upper-class women both then and now. The costumes I have created for this collection will reflect this blend of 16th century and 21st-century housewives, by taking Tudor silhouettes and updating fabrication and embellishments to be on-brand with modern socialites.


I had very low expectations for fourth year due to the circumstances, but reflecting now, I’m happy with how it all went and absolutely thrilled with how my collection turned out. I want to thank my parents for their continued love and support because without them none of this would be possible. I also want to thank Farley for sharing all of his expertise and guidance with us this year. After this, I’m very excited to be getting a masters in historic dress and textiles. With any luck, ill be able to spend the rest of my life making more historically inspired costumes.

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