Laura Fishbaum
For the creative component I developed a luxury fashion sticker brand called Hello, My Name Is. I applied the three digital luxury fashion marketing strategies of user experience, quality visual content, and digital relationships, established in my research, to the sticker brand’s approach to product design and social media. With its underlying consumptive objectives, the brand utilizes Instagram as its primary platform for digital marketing, to effectively communicate a luxury fashion brand exclusively within the digital realm, while engaging followers and increasing the brand’s visibility.

The sticker brand’s name was inspired by the generic name labels, which can be purchased at office supply stores. Hello, My Name Is is a refreshing take on this mundane cultural object. The name plays with the concept that as a society we acquire a need to categorize people and things, including the distinguishment of our own identities and possessions. We desire to claim ownership over external objects, thereby extending the entity of the self to the physical world and expressing the self through this practice of embodiment. The stickers enable people to express their identity, acting as a literal practice of labelling, in a way that is playful and highly customizable to each individual’s personal aesthetic and interests. Hello, My Name Is strives to welcome unique differences into the practice of self-expression through the tagline: A sticker brand without labels.

The brand’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection consists of stickers of original digital illustrations and graphics that are categorized into subjects: Name Labels, Prints n’ Patterns, Typography, #Cr8 Ur Own, and Icon$. The stickers are printed on glossy or holographic vinyl, which is protective against water, scratches, and sunlight, allowing for versatile application on various surfaces. Each sticker comes in multiple colourways. The #Cr8 Ur Own stickers are customizable, enhancing the user experience by allowing the participation of users in the products’ design process. This shift in consumer-product dynamic relates back to the luxury digital marketing strategy of user experience and the consumer desire to play a significant role in the brand in which they consume. Users can choose the shape, pattern, colours, and font of the sticker, providing them with a unique and personal e-commerce experience with the opportunity to participate in the actual sticker design upon checkout. The brand also carries name tags which users can customize by writing on them after purchase.


This project demonstrates the potential opportunities of the digital world and its proven value in the elevation of brands within the fashion industry. As a graphic designer, the digital realm acts as an additional and opportunistic space to extend one’s design work without limitations. An understanding of digital and social media design is imperative for current graphic designers to remain relevant in the field.

Creating an e-commerce sticker brand enabled me to distinguish technical and aesthetic differences between print and digital design, improving my design skills on digital mediums. With my experience in editorial design, it was a valuable learning experience to shift my perception of layout design to create compositions that are compatible in digital settings establishing clear visual navigation and visually engaging the viewers. I enjoyed exploring the various ways to showcase the printed stickers in the digital space.

For the future of the Hello My Name Is brand, I want to expand on the design of the large-scale detailed stickers, icons, and typography stickers. I aspire to design an e-commerce site for the stickers so that they are available for formal purchase.
I would like to thank Beatriz for being a wonderful mentor and professor by assisting me throughout this process, as well as teaching me throughout my time as a Ryerson Fashion Communications student.