The THAWRA (REVOLUTION) COLLECTION is Inspired by the corruption and recent drastic events of the explosion that happened in Lebanon on 04/08/2020. Narrating the structures and dynamics of corruption within Lebanon, showcasing the relationship of emotion with real life events within the construction of dress. Each colour within this collection is a representation of emotion of the people in Lebanon. I created an evening-wear collection to symbolize the power of the people and the power of the Revolution, to fight back for their rights and fight for a better life in their country as the government continues to steal money from their people. I want this collection to spread awareness of not only the struggles, destruction and corruption that Lebanon faces, but also the beauty of the land, people and culture portrayed within. This collection is a true reflection of these themes as each design detail is strategically thought-out to portray a feeling and tell an overall story within each dress constructed.


I am incredibly proud of the work that I have created up until this point! Each project has allowed me to express my own creative identity as a fashion designer, constantly improving my craftsmanship skills. Moving forward in my career I aspire to keep creating and designing innovatively for the fashion industry and strive to make changes for the better.
I want to thank everyone who has supported me through my journey of creating my THAWRA (REVOLUTION) COLLECTION. The support has been positively overwhelming, and I cannot be more thankful to the people who have constantly been praising not only my work but my process and hard work, uplifting me through it all. I am also incredibly grateful for all the instructors that have guided me towards this point in my life, allowing my skills in both design and construction to flourish and become a better designer each year!