Yiming Yiliminuer - headshot

Wrinkles, The folds of Memories is a unique collection that I have decided to observe the most delicate mark on a human body which is wrinkles. I am not only inspired but also melt into the meaning behind wrinkles. Every single fold of wrinkles contains so much more than one can imagine. They might be stories of happiness, sadness, enjoyment… they might be a lifetime of memories; They might be tough experiences and non-stop hard works hidden behind those folds. The physical shape of wrinkles is the inspiration point of my surface design. I have followed the irregular lines of wrinkles as my base template to create a very unique textile surface on each of my dresses. Moreover, I have carefully chosen two different contrast fabric that features a wrinkle-like effect on the surface to incorporate trough out five dresses. Altimetry, I would want to see my dresses not only fitting on a body but attaches to the person with emotions, feelings and stories. I have never set a target market for my collection it belongs to anyone who can bond to the dress in their own way.


Fashion is your very own personal journey. You do you in it!