A headshot of Dea Jusuf

For my Capstone project, I focused on the creation of a homemade unisex graphic t-shirt brand called YUSE APPAREL. My project followed the brand from the conception up until the first month of selling in order to track the brand’s reception, reach and growth as a part of the capstone. I documented all of the processes that were involved in the brand’s creation creating, social media pages, a website and both a marketing and branding booklet. The branding booklet included all of the branding guidelines relating to logo, color palette, typography and target market while the marketing booklet included all of the marketing strategies (that were inspired by my research and academic readings) and promotional content used to advertise the brand. For the brand’s launch, I released a conceptual collection titled “Interstellar” that was based around astrology and its connections to the planets. This included 9 different unisex t-shirt designs that are being sold through my store’s website that I created for the capstone. Other material that I created for the brand included hang tags, business cards, thank you cards and packaging.


The capstone has given me the opportunity to delve deeper into the world conceptual design through the use of theoretical frameworks and academic research. It has been the perfect opportunity to delve deeper (and learn) about the various aspects of creating a small business, under the guidance of knowledgeable professors. My capstone project has allowed me to experiment and learn about important facets such as marketing, design, storytelling and etc. that will be more than pivotal for my business going forward. In the future, I would like to continue working on my business and release more fun conceptual collections!

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