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When faced with the issues of climate change, I never thought that my actions would make a big difference… I am just one person, out of 7.6 billion people on this planet. However, since turning vegan, I realized that one simple change can create an exponential impact. For instance, my boyfriend inspired me to go vegan, which in turn inspired my mom and sister to go vegan. One person quickly turned into four people, and so on.

So, how does changing your diet help the planet and our health? To put things into perspective, over the span of one year, one billion farm animals are slaughtered in Britain alone (The Vegan Society, 2020). In terms of health, fish for instance are contaminated with a multitude of chemicals (PCBs, pesticides, mercury) from runoff that gets absorbed into the flesh we eat (Washing State Department of Health, 2020).

With these statistics in mind, the aim of my book is to educate individuals on pressing topics about our health, the environment, and animal welfare. Furthermore, I challenge vegan stereotypes and provide resources that can help readers effectively and safely adopt a vegan diet.


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Promoting veganism in a positive and gentle manner has become a passion of mine. Being vegan for three years has had a positive impact on both my mental and physical health. Additionally, my compassion towards animals and our planet continues to grow with the more I learn. Taking on this lifestyle can be daunting. Being vegan comes with criticism and backlash but also a community full of supportive and kind individuals. I aim to continue my journey of vegan activism in years to come. You can follow my endeavours through Instagram: Visit Vegan Food with Julia on Instagram.

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